100% cotton and water-repellent TNT mask with three overlapping and sewn layers. Two elastic bands. Color prrint on the first outer layer of cotton. Inks completely free of heavy metals, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. In compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Organic Textiles (GOTS-3V)

Available in 2 versions: Large and Small


Dome of the Hall of Water: detail of the Tiffany glass dome of the Hall of Water in the Temples of Humankind. The Hall of water is one of the oldest spaces in the Temples of Humankind, inside you are united with the archetypal sources of femininity, which preside over life and death, sleep and wakefulness, knowledge and memory. Here, the feminine principle expresses itself as an alchemical container, cradle and crucible of emotions and experiences, amniotic fluid that  collects and preserves the memories of Humankind. On the ceiling, a glass dome, made up of about six thousand pieces, assembles the theme of marine life, through delicate blue shades that blend with the colors of the shells.  In the center, there is a rose window dedicated to the feminine principle that generates life. Its colors recall the green of the earth, made fertile by the water and the pink of the shells, created by sand and water mixing together.